What if you discovered a simple technique that you could use, anywhere, anytime, to reduce anxiety, get unstuck, enjoy mental clarity, and feel relaxed and free?

Here it is.

It’s called Open FocusTM Attention, and it’s based on the discovery by Dr. Les Fehmi that HOW YOU PAY ATTENTION has a profound impact on your emotional and physical health and well-being.

“Open Focus is the most effective stress reduction tool I have ever run across.”

Most of us have no idea that we have different modes of paying attention to the world around us... and that each attention type is correlated with specific brain wave activity... and that different types of brainwave activity correlate to physiological responses in our body.

Given the stresses and demands of modern life, and the information and negative news overload you're processing every day, chances are you’re spending far too much of your time in a narrow, objective attention mode. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out, you’re probably “stuck” in this attention mode, your brain wave activity is in the mid to high Beta range, and you may be experiencing:

  • Restlessness or a feeling of being "wound up" or "on edge"
  • Being tired or exhausted
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Back aches, eye aches, muscle tension
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Headaches or dizziness

Alpha brain waves, on the other hand, produce an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness essential to stress reduction, letting go of anxiety and high levels of creativity. The key to optimum mental and physical health, however, is not in striving for a perpetual state of relaxation. The key is brain flexibility.

With simple brain exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere, you can develop “attentional flexibility”. Listening to scientifically proven open focus brain exercises developed by Dr. Fehmi gives you all the benefits of meditation at a fraction of the time and effort. They change how you pay attention, which in turn changes your brain waves, which changes your physiology, which changes how you feel and your emotions.

“Mastering attentional flexibility by using the Open Focus technique is the fundamental way of breaking the vicious circle of stress.” - Dr. Les Fehmi


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"When you practice Open Focus attention you are encouraging the production of brain waves that reflect a normalized and balanced central nervous system. When we are normalized and balanced, we reduce fight or flight, emergency mode, functioning and encourage the appropriate parasympathetic activity, sometimes called the relaxation response. When the parasympathetic response occurs, muscles relax, blood flow returns to the peripheral vascular system, heart and pulse rate normalize, and adrenalin and cortisol and other stress hormones reduce. That is why your body feels so pleasurable." - Susan Shor Fehmi

An estimated 18% of American adults (around 6.8 million people) suffer from anxiety disorders, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

If you don't know how to manage your response to stress and change, you’ll struggle with anxiety and less than peak mental performance and recurring physical symptoms that over the long term can lead to serious health problems... no matter how successful you are.

When you’re in anxiety and stress you have all sorts of negative physiological responses. Besides the physical aches and pains you may be experiencing (tight neck muscles, back ache, head ache, sleeplessness, inability to focus), your body’s biochemistry is changing, too. Your cortisol levels go up; your hormonal levels and your immune system are suppressed.

Is there an easy way to stop the suffering caused by stress and anxiety and the aches and pains they cause in your body?


If you are aware of how you pay attention to life's events, you can reduce the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of stress that you may be experiencing. Open Focus brain exercises offer you a simple means of alternating the way you pay attention which, in turn, will help you avoid stress-related symptoms.

Learning and practicing Open Focus leads to dramatic and long lasting changes.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you...

  • Reduce anxiety and learn to manage your stress
  • Sleep peacefully at night
  • Dissolve your physical aches and pains
  • Feel carefree and happy
  • Experience an expanded awareness and sense of well-being
  • Know how to focus when you need to and relax when you need to
  • Open up your natural creativity and intuition.
  • Here’s a video clip of the Fehmi’s talking about what you can expect when you attend the Workshop:


    "The concept of open-focused attention is useful and powerful. The authors of this practical and readable book explain what it is and teach you how to develop it. The techniques described in this book can make life fuller, more enjoyable, and more productive. I recommend it."

    Andrew Weil, MD — in reference to the Open-Focus Brain

    "I first learned the Open Focus technique from Les Fehmi 30 years ago. I've used them ever since in my life and as a trainer and consultant teaching newcomer physicians, psychologists, counselors, educators, etc. the field of biofeedback and self regulation. I've taught hundreds of practitioners this technique because I believe it is very effective and powerful."

    Rob Kall of futurehealth.org

    Anything worth doing is worth doing effortlessly.

    Open FocusTM is a registered trademark of Biofeedback Computers Inc.

    Open FocusTM is a registered trademark of Biofeedback Computers Inc.